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General IQRF gateway

Product status: New

» Manufacturer: MICRORISC

Based on Orange Pi Zero and IQRF GW Daemon

With Yocto based Linux image.

The easiest implementation of IQRF network Coordinator and the gateway with Internet / LAN connectivity enabling to control and manage wireless end devices.

It can easily be connected to existing clouds / servers (e.g. IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT or Hexio IoT).

  • Single-board computer Orange Pi Zero inside
  • TR-76D transceiver included
  • Ethernet connectivity, any cloud supported
  • Internal web application
  • Open source
  • Especially for low cost development, evaluation and samples.
Features   Yocto
SD card filesystem mounted as:   read-only with defined overlay
Logs are kept in RAM and…   …rotated to SD card periodically
Support for Wireguard VPN connection     Yes
Support for M/Monit monitoring server    Yes
SW updates handled via:   Mender artifacts
Fleet updates   Via Mender server and artifacts
User applications   Must be built with support of IQRF Yocto gateway SDK.
Custom turn-key solution made by IQRF manufacturer is also possible.