1. Basic Provisions

This Claims Procedure is an integral part of the Commercial Terms and Conditions of

IQRF Tech s.r.o.

Průmyslová 1275, Valdické Předměstí, Jičín, Czech Republic

File No.: C 40027 maintained by the Regional Court in Hradec Králové

ID: 06317375

VAT: CZ06317375

Telephone: +420 493 538 125

E-mail: sales@iqrf.org

Web: https://www.iqrf.org/

(hereinafter referred to only as the Seller)

and regulates the extent, terms and conditions and methods claims are dealt with.

The Buyer can be a Consumer or a Corporate Client. The Buyer is obliged to get acquainted with the Claims Procedure and the General Business Terms & Conditions (hereinafter referred to only as the GT&C) before ordering the goods. By concluding the purchase contract and taking over the goods by the Buyer from the Seller, it is considered that the Buyer has become acquainted with this Claims Procedure and agrees with it.

If the term is not defined in this Procedure and is not defined in the GT&C either, it is understood in the sense of laws in force in the Czech Republic.

2. Warranty period and method for dealing with claims

Unless a warranty period is specified and unless otherwise stated in the general legislation, the warranty period is 6 months for a Corporate Client and 24 months for a Consumer. In the case of electronic components, the solderability guarantee is limited to a period of 6 months, both for the Consumer and the Corporate Client. An invoice is considered a guarantee certificate.

Complaints about defects in the goods during the warranty period are made by the Buyer in written form and only through the RMA form. The place of claim is the Seller's premises (IQRF Tech s.r.o., Průmyslová 1275, Valdické Předměstí, 506 01 Jičín, Czech Republic, tel .: +420 493 538 125).

The Seller’s obligation to remove faults in goods within the warranty period is also given by legislation in force.  In this regard, the Seller is obliged to make maximum effort to remove them in the shortest possible time and in accordance with the best specialist and technical options available to it.

When purchasing goods through the E-shop, the Consumer has the right in accordance with § 1829 of the Civil Code to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of performance without giving a reason. However, certain conditions must be met, including that the goods must be:

  • undamaged,
  • in the original packaging (if the goods are packed in a special packaging),
  • with the full set of accessories they were supplied with,
  • unpacked, if it was packed in a special package,
  • with all documents that were sent with it (manuals, ...),
  • returned within the period stated by law, or as extended by the Seller.

The Seller is obliged to return the sum paid to the Buyer no later than 14 days from the withdrawal from the contract.

The Buyer is required to make a claim for defects caused during transport with the carrier. The Seller recommends not to accept visibly damaged shipments, or claim damage immediately upon receipt of the goods (according to the conditions of the carrier).

Claims must be made using a filled in claims protocol form (RMA form), which must contain a description of the defect. The RMA form can be filled in online. A detailed instructions is contained in the Complaint Handling Procedure. The Buyer can send the claimed goods back by carrier or deliver them in person to the company's office.

If the claim is accepted, either the faulty parts will be replaced by functioning parts within the legal deadline of 30 days, or a credit note will be issued.

If there is a delay with payment, any claims will be dealt with once the goods supplied have been fully paid for. The goods remain the property of the Seller until full payment.

The Seller is not liable for consequential damages caused by faulty goods.