We are a Czech privately owned technological company focused on development of IQRF wireless Mesh technology.

The original IQRF inventor and developer was MICRORISC s.r.o. (in November 2004, the first wireless transceiver module IQRF was introduced at the conference in the Spanish resort of Malaga). In 2017, all activities concerning IQRF and the complete development team were transferred from it into the newly founded IQRF Tech purely dedicated to IQRF. Thus, IQRF Tech is a technological spinoff company of the MICRORISC group. It is the owner of all intelectual properties related to IQRF including all patents and trademarks.

IQRF development team has been awarded by number of prizes including Česká hlava, the most prestigious scientifical award in Czech Republic (under patronage of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic, in 2014).

IQRF Tech is a founding member of IQRF Alliance, a non-profit international association of companies and institutions building up an ecosystem of interoperable wireless devices and solutions based on the IQRF technology.